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Assault Attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah

Assault is a serious offense that can have life-altering consequences. Understanding the legal definition of assault, the various types of assault, and the implications of assault laws in Utah is crucial when facing such charges.

If you find yourself in this challenging situation, seeking professional legal assistance can make all the difference. At Dave Clark Law in Salt Lake City, we stand ready to provide guidance and support for your assault defense needs. 

Assault Under Utah Law

Assault in Utah is governed by Section 76-5-102 of the Utah Criminal Code and occurs when an individual: 

  • Attempts, with unlawful force or violence, to do bodily injury to another person

  • Commits an act that causes bodily injury to another or creates a substantial risk of such injury

  • Makes a threat of violence accompanied by immediate force

Essentially, assault covers both physical attacks and credible threats of harm.

Types of Assault Charges and Associated Penalties

Penalties for assault in Utah vary based on the severity of the offense and the specific circumstances involved.

Assault is generally classified as a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail and/or fines up to $1,000. Repeat offenses or assaults involving dangerous weapons may result in even harsher penalties.  Different types of assault charges and their penalties can include:  

Simple Assault

  • Definition: Simple assault involves causing or attempting to cause bodily injury to another person. 

  • Penalties: Typically classified as a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail and/or fines up to $1,000. If the assault results in substantial bodily injury or if the victim is pregnant, it may be elevated to a Class A misdemeanor, which entails up to one year in jail and/or fines up to $2,500. 

Aggravated Assault

  • Definition: Aggravated assault includes assaults that involve the use of a deadly weapon or acts likely to result in serious bodily injury. 

  • Penalties: Classified as a second-degree felony if serious bodily injury occurs, leading to one to fifteen years in prison and fines up to $10,000. Without serious bodily injury, it may be a third-degree felony, carrying up to five years in prison and fines up to $5,000. 

Domestic Assault

  • Definition: Domestic assault refers to assault committed against a cohabitant, including spouses, former spouses, parents, or individuals who share a child. 

  • Penalties: Penalties vary based on the severity of the assault and prior offenses, ranging from Class B misdemeanors to third-degree felonies. The presence of aggravating factors can significantly increase penalties. 

Sexual Assault

  • Definition: Sexual assault, also known as sexual battery or rape, involves non-consensual sexual contact or coercion. 

  • Penalties: These charges are severe and classified as either second or first-degree felonies, depending on the circumstances. Penalties include lengthy prison sentences (up to life imprisonment) and significant fines. 

Facing assault charges can come with serious penalties, not to mention the life-changing stigma that can be associated with an assault conviction on your record.

At Dave Clark Law, we handle all kinds of assault cases, from aggravated to sexual assault, and we're equipped to fight for your rights and help you build a strong defense strategy. 

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The Legal Process for Assault Charges in Utah

After being charged with assault, the legal process typically involves arraignment, pre-trial motions, plea bargaining (if applicable), trial preparation, trial proceedings, and sentencing if convicted.

We have included a breakdown of each step so that you can better understand the process and what to expect:  

  1. Initial arrest and booking: Once arrested, the individual is taken into custody, booked, and processed. This process includes taking fingerprints and photos and recording personal information. 

  2. Arraignment: During the arraignment, the defendant is formally charged and informed of their rights. They will enter a plea (guilty, not guilty, or no contest). Bail conditions may also be set at this stage. 

  3. Pretrial hearings: These hearings involve pretrial motions, evidence discovery, and plea negotiations. Both the defense and prosecution exchange relevant information and prepare for trial. 

  4. Trial: If the case proceeds to trial, both sides present their arguments, evidence, and witness testimonies. The judge or jury will then deliberate and deliver a verdict. 

  5. Sentencing: If found guilty, the judge will determine the appropriate sentence based on the nature of the offense and any mitigating or aggravating factors. 

  6. Appeals: The defendant has the right to appeal the conviction or sentence. This involves higher courts reviewing the trial's proceedings to identify any errors that could have affected the outcome. 

Potential Defenses Against Assault Charges

An experienced attorney can assess your case and develop a strong defense strategy tailored to your specific circumstances. Effective defenses for assault charges may include self-defense, defense of others, lack of intent, or insufficient evidence. These defense strategies may entail:  

  • Self-defense: Arguing that the defendant acted to protect themselves from imminent harm

  • Defense of others: Claiming the defendant was protecting another person from immediate danger

  • Lack of intent: Demonstrating that the actions were accidental and not intended to cause harm

  • Insufficient evidence: Challenging the credibility and sufficiency of the prosecution's evidence

At Dave Clark Law, we leverage our years of experience and legal knowledge to create a robust defense strategy that aligns with your unique case. 

Why Seek Professional Legal Representation?

Facing assault charges demands knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel. Our firm defends clients against assault allegations with a focus on achieving favorable outcomes. We provide: 

  • Knowledgeable legal advice: Comprehensive guidance through each stage of the legal process

  • Strategic defense: Tailored defense strategies designed to address the unique aspects of your case

  • Experienced representation: In-depth knowledge of Utah law and courtroom procedures

Plea Options for Assault Charges

When charged with assault, you have several plea options: 

  • Guilty: Admitting to the offense, resulting in immediate sentencing. 

  • Not Guilty: Denying the charge, leading to a trial where the prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. 

  • No Contest (Nolo Contendere): Not admitting guilt but accepting the conviction. This plea cannot be used against you in a civil lawsuit. 

Each option has significant legal implications. Consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you determine the best course of action for your case. 

How an Assault Conviction Can Impact Your Future

Assault charges carry far-reaching consequences, including: 

  • Criminal record: A conviction can appear on your record, affecting job prospects, housing, and educational opportunities. 

  • Employment: Many employers conduct background checks and may be hesitant to hire individuals with assault convictions. 

  • Personal relationships: The stigma associated with assault charges can strain personal relationships and social standing. 

Proactively addressing these concerns with professional legal assistance can mitigate some of these impacts. 

The Importance of Legal Support in Your Assault Case

If you find yourself involved in an assault case, professional legal counsel can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.  

For victims, additional resources and support can be found through organizations like the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition and the Utah Office for Victims of Crime

When charged with assault, having skilled legal representation will help you safeguard your rights and pursue the best possible outcome. At Dave Clark Law, we can provide guidance throughout every stage of your legal proceedings. 

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