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Why You Need a Defense Attorney

Kevin Phelps July 12, 2022

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, you are probably under a lot of stress. It may seem like a difficult decision to spend money to work with a defense attorney, especially if you are up against fines and other financial charges should you lose your case. However, a defense attorney is well worth the price because of the invaluable expertise and experience they provide.

Experience in Court

Many laypeople are not in court very often. Courts can be very intimidating because of the special jargon and language used there, their serious nature, and their unique rules and etiquette. Being in court for your own hearing is especially intimidating because you are facing criminal charges. Great defense attorneys, however, are not intimidated by court rooms. They are used to the atmosphere, knowledgeable of court proceedings, and will be able to present you and your case in a much more appropriate and successful way than you would do on your own.

Analytical Skills

In criminal defense, one of the most important things to consider and analyze is intent along with evidence. Great defense attorneys are experts at reading situations. They can help you build a case based on your actual intentions at the time of the alleged crime. During your hearing, evidence and analysis will be brought forth by the opposing side. If your defense attorney has strong analytical skills, they will be able to counter those remarks eloquently.

Knowledge of the Law

As a professional practicing law, any reputable defense attorney must have sufficient knowledge of the law. This may come as a great relief to you since you are probably not well-versed in law. Laws are often very wordy, contain a lot of legal jargon, and can be difficult for the average layperson to understand. A sharp defense attorney on your side can help you understand what exactly you are up against and what is happening during your hearing. They are also knowledgeable enough to hopefully be able to keep you clear of any charges and punishments you should not legally have. 

A defense attorney has trained professionally to defend cases in court. This is a task that may seem daunting, maybe even impossible, to you if you are doing it alone. Placing that responsibility with a professional defense attorney can greatly reduce your stress. 

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