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Why It Is Important to Read Defense Attorney Client Reviews

Kevin Phelps Nov. 2, 2022

Defense attorneys often have websites with online reviews from past clients. These reviews are a great way to assess what it will be like to work with a specific defense attorney. Reading reviews before picking a defense attorney is essential to having a positive experience with your case. 


Published reviews help to prove the legitimacy of a criminal defense attorney. Defense attorneys can put whatever credentials and qualifications they would like on their websites to create a convincing persona. However, they cannot fake client reviews. Honest reviews often reflect defense attorneys’ actual expertise and legitimacy. You want to make sure that you are not being scammed or overcharged when picking a defense attorney. Another thing to consider is how confidential and professional a criminal defense attorney is since facing criminal charges can be a very sensitive, private, and vulnerable thing. 

Assess Care for Clients

Client reviews may not always use very technical