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What to Expect in A Consultation with A Defense Attorney

Kevin Phelps Nov. 10, 2022

Before choosing a criminal defense attorney to work with, you first have the opportunity to consult with them. This consultation will help both you and the defense attorney decide if they would be a good fit for your case. Knowing what to expect during this consultation can help you come more prepared and get the information you need.

Discuss Your Charges

First off, you and the defense attorney will discuss the charges you are up against. Some defense attorneys have more expertise with specific charges or may not have any prior experience with other charges, so this is important to talk about right away. Before attending a consultation with a defense attorney, you should know exactly what your charges are. Be direct about these charges with the defense attorney instead of using vague language. This will help both of you figure out quickly whether this defense attorney will be able to help you. 

Responsibilities of a Defense Attorney

If a defense attorney can help you with your specific charges, they will then discuss how they will assist. A defense attorney does not just show up on the day of your hearing to speak for you in court. There are many hours of laborious preparation beforehand in order to know what to say to best represent you in court. Among other responsibilities, a defense attorney will research your case, read up on laws concerning your case and charges, and help defend or speak for you in court. 

Timeline and Cost

The earlier you hire a defense attorney, the better. This is because they will have more time to prepare well for your court hearing. Depending on both of your schedules and if it is needed, you may meet multiple times with your defense attorney before the case to discuss details and logistics. You may even be able to meet up to practice what you will say in court or hear what they have planned to say. Because a defense attorney’s preparation is so extensive and involved, you will need to talk about a timeline and cost. Keep in mind that even though hiring a defense attorney may be expensive, it is worth it to increase your chances of not having a criminal record. 

Throughout a consultation, you should assess how you feel. You should feel like you can be open with your defense attorney. Additionally, you should choose an attorney who you feel has your best interests in mind.

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