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What Should You Know Before Talking to A Defense Attorney?

Kevin Phelps Dec. 21, 2022

If you are facing criminal charges, a criminal defense attorney is great to have on your side. Talking with them shouldn’t feel intimidating because they are only trying to help you. Before your first meeting with a criminal defense attorney, there are a few things you should know to help the conversation go by smoothly and quickly.

What Charges You Are Facing

In order to defend you properly, a defense attorney needs to know what charges you are facing. Don’t be nervous to tell the defense attorney about these charges. As professionals, hearing about the different charges people are facing and assessing how they can best defend them is an everyday part of criminal defense attorneys’ jobs. 

Details of the Incident

Whenever the incident happened or as close to that date as possible, try to record all of the details you remember. Important things to know are exact dates, locations, times, people you were with, weather conditions, or other pertinent factors. If there were any bystanders that you can track down, let your attorney know. This can really help your case! If you have photos or videos of the incident, make sure to share those with your attorney along with any other evidence you have. Additionally, share any details about your conversation with the officer(s) following the incident. 

Court Date

Hopefully, you will know your court date before speaking with a defense attorney. Sharing this date with them will help them know how much time they have to prepare for your hearing. They and their team will most likely have a great deal of research and preparation to do before the hearing, so having a timeline will help them plan that out well. Keep in mind that you are probably not the only client that the defense attorney is working with. Thus, knowing early on what court date to plan for can help your defense attorney be more prepared for your hearing. 

Chances are that you probably haven’t met with any or many criminal defense attorneys in your life before. The first meeting with a criminal defense attorney you will be working with, then, can tell you a lot about how they operate and what to expect. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have about their credentials, practice, and expertise. 

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