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What a Criminal Defense Attorney Does

Kevin Phelps Oct. 7, 2022

If you aren’t familiar with court and law, you probably don’t know much about criminal defense attorneys. Chances are that you won’t be working with criminal defense attorneys very often. However, if you ever find yourself or a loved one facing a trial, a criminal defense attorney is a great person to have on your side.

Gains Knowledge and Experience

In order to become a criminal defense attorney, one must first gain sufficient knowledge and experience. First, aspiring criminal defense attorneys earn a bachelor’s degree from an established university. This degree is a stepping stone to further education specializing in law, so it can be in anything from English literature to biology. An undergraduate degree helps to broaden a person’s understanding of a variety of topics and can help them think objectively about the world. After obtaining an undergraduate degree, a person can take an LSAT and go to law school. Once a person has obtained a JD, they can earn more experience and try to pass their state’s bar exam. With these credentials and experience, a criminal defense attorney is prepared for court. 

Studies Your Case

Once a criminal defense attorney is hired for your case, they study your case in preparation for the trial. They objectively look at all of the evidence and any reports that were made. They also make sure to research specific laws and regulations that may be talked about at your hearing. Because criminal defense attorneys are familiar with the law and court proceedings, they can prepare for your hearing fairly quickly. However, you should hire a criminal defense attorney as early as possible in order for them to have a maximum amount of time to study different facets of your case. 

Presents Your Case

During the hearing, you will be given a chance to defend your case and speak for yourself. You can choose to have your defense attorney present and defend your case. This is probably the smartest move since criminal defense attorneys generally have more experience and practice in court than you. 

Having a criminal defense attorney on your side does not change any of the facts or laws regarding your case. However, a criminal defense attorney will be able to ensure that you have a fair hearing. Your chances of a more positive outcome are much higher when you have a dependable defense attorney. 

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