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The Role of A Criminal Defense Attorney

Kevin Phelps Aug. 25, 2022

If you are not very familiar with criminal charges and the court system, you may not understand everyone’s role in court. One person that is worth learning about and investing in if you are facing criminal charges is a criminal defense attorney. A criminal defense attorney is on your side and can help you be much more comfortable in court.

Be Familiar With Your Case

The first responsibility of a criminal defense attorney is to be familiar with your case. They will learn about the circumstances when you were charged and familiarize themselves with the facts. If and when a criminal defense attorney asks you clarifying or other questions, don’t be afraid to answer. Be as specific as you can since small details can really help them build up your case. Remember that a criminal defense attorney is on your side and will not use the information you give to sabotage you in court.

Know the Law

In addition to knowing situational facts regarding your case, criminal defense attorneys must also know the law. The best defense attorneys are very well-versed in the law after attending a reputable law school and having had years of experience practicing law. When you are picking a defense attorney to defend you, make sure that you check for these things in their experience.

Articulate Your Case in Court

While a criminal defense attorney does a lot of preparation for your hearing before it happens, their ultimate responsibility is to defend you in court. They will take the knowledge they have about your case and knowledge about the law to present an articulate case for you in court. The great part about having a defense attorney with you in court is that they do all the technical, difficult, and often stressful talking for you.

If you choose a great criminal defense attorney, you don’t have to worry about defending yourself in court. Based on their credentials, experience, and character, you will know that you can trust them with your case. You can expect the best possible outcome for your individual case and situation when you hire a competent defense attorney.

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