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How to Present Yourself in Court

Kevin Phelps Sept. 22, 2022

If you are facing criminal charges, you will have to present yourself in court on a specified date. When you are in court, there are not a lot of hard and fast rules determining how you should act. Nevertheless, certain behaviors and practices can help you make a good impression which can ultimately affect the results.

Be Respectful

At all times in court, you should strive to be as respectful as possible. This is especially true when answering and interacting with the judge. The judge will have the final verdict on your case which will directly affect your future. In order to make a good impression on the judge and others in court, be respectful by showing up on time, wearing appropriate clothing, using proper and clean language, not interrupting, and addressing people by their proper titles. Being respectful will help create and build the impression that you are a good citizen.

Be Truthful

When you are in court, you are also expected to be completely truthful. You are facing criminal charges, so blatantly lying will not make you look any less guilty. Under no circumstances should you lie, withhold information when directly asked about it, or bend the truth to your favor. If it is revealed that you are being untruthful in any way, a judge will be much more skeptical of your entire defense.

Be Knowledgeable

Knowledge is a powerful tool when going to court. And as much as you are aware of your situation and experience, you probably don’t know much about the law and the charges you are facing. Furthermore, you are likely unaware in regard to court etiquette and procedures. But, no worries: hiring a criminal defense attorney will help you navigate your circumstances and provide invaluable knowledge about your case and charges. Having a criminal defense attorney on your side means that you have the power of knowledge of the law.

Going to court can be a daunting task. It is best to be as prepared as you can be and to practice proper court etiquette. Doing so will surely lead to a favorable outcome. Luckily, when you are preparing to present and defend yourself in court, you don’t have to do it alone: Having a defense attorney on your side will help you overcome the challenges you are facing.

If you want a criminal defense attorney on your side who knows the law, the charges you are up against, court etiquette, and more, reach out to Dave Clark Law here today!